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Hair Loss Camouflaging Techniques and Solutions (Guest Blogger)

In the early stages take advantage of hair makeup such as Fullmore which colors the pinkness of the scalp to cover hair that’s no longer dense. Certain hair styles may also disguise thinner patches, depending on the location. For example, bangs can sometimes add an illusion of volume to thinning or receding hairlines.

Work Done by Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

For the crown and thinning areas around the face, lightweight extensions called Medi Connections can be fitted and hand-blended to these areas and add extra volume and thickness. This is a great option for women with mild Alopecia or the early stages of female pattern hair loss. Medi Connections boost existing hair while allowing for natural regrowth, normal washing, styling and every day activities.

Work Done by Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

In more dramatic cases we can use the Intralace system, which uses a very fine mesh to introduce new natural hair into existing hair. This is a preferred option for women with moderate to chronic hair loss or thinning. It’s made of a breathable mesh and integrated and incorporated very naturally. This system is preferable to wigs for the modern woman who can budget for this lifestyle choice. It affords women the opportunity to participate in activities which might be otherwise limited in a wig, such as swimming, windy outdoor events or sports.

Work Done by Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

Women effected by hair loss should remember that whatever the case, there’s hope! Although hair loss can be devastating physically and emotionally, there are many options available for an array of issues and lifestyles. Most importantly, one should maintain a positive attitude while considering options and finding a solution.



Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration SpecialistAbout Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

Lucinda Ellery is a renowned industry expert with over 30 years’ experience with extensions and women’s hair restoration, pioneering unique solutions for female hair loss and hair thinning. Having experienced it at first hand herself due to a childhood trauma at the age of 10, Lucinda understands the need for women to feel and look comfortable with their image and after observing current practice, so she set about developing techniques for female hair loss management and replacement. The three revolutionary techniques include: Medi Connections™ (targeted hair replacement to boost volume); Intralace system™, (mesh integrated into existing hair) and Intralace Freewear system™ (gauze platform with hair attached)

Lucinda is affectionately known in the celebrity arena as ‘The Queen of Glamorous Hair’ thanks to Lucinda Ellery extensions that have been applied to hair queens such as Barbara Windsor, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Peaches Geldof, Sarah Harding and Rachel Hunter. The extensions are made from premium quality Remy Cuticle hair which is 100% human with the hair and roots lined up in the correct direction for a more natural look. Lucinda and her 60 strong team of dedicated specialists between her London, Manchester and Beverly Hills studios are relentless in their appeal for extensions and hair loss management.

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