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Hair Trend Alert: Brunette Highlights For Fall

Going dark for fall? If so, consider keeping the spirit of summer alive with warm-hued pops of...brunette?! That's right! Blonde highlights are no longer the only highlight on the block! Brunette hues can actually be considered highlights when paired with a darker base. Here's the scoop:


Caramel HighlightsJennifer Lopez Brunette Highlights For Fall

Base to pair with: Golden Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Medium to Dark Ash Browns

Rundown: Caramel highlights are perfect if you're trying to add some warmth to your complexion this fall. This hue pairs perfectly with warm, golden browns and brightens up dull, dark shades. Puzzled about pairing with ash colors? Surprisingly, it can be a lovely contrast and add necessary warmth to a cool color.

Celebrity Fanatics: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester


Chestnut HighlightsMila Kunis Brunette Highlights For Fall

Base to pair with: Mahogany, Dark Brown, Black

Rundown: Chestnut highlights paired with dark shades of browns and blacks can add a subtle glow to dark locks. It can also liven up the skin tone and play up the eyes. This warm, dark shade is a hit for fall hair color in general, but we are loving the idea of reversing the color trend to highlights!

Celebrity Fanatics: Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis


Auburn HighlightsJulia Roberts Brunette Highlights For Fall

Base to pair with: Deep Red, Medium Brown, Dark Brown

Rundown: Auburn highlights add a level of richness to deeper shades of brown. This warm shade of brown has subtle tones of red which can add spicy warmth to dull shades of brown as well as the skin tone. The rich hue is one of our favorite fall hair colors and we love seeing it on bold and daring heads!

Celebrity Fanatics: Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba


No matter which highlights you decide to go for, be sure to protect your color! Want to really stretch the life of your hair color? Try shampooing less! A dry shampoo will help you go an extra day or two between your usual sudsing sessions!


What shade will you be rocking this fall? And better yet, what shade of "fall highlights" will you be pairing them with?


For the love of brunette,


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