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3 Hairstyling Tips for Kids

3 hairstyling tips for Kids

The untouched and undamaged hair of children, with glorious natural highlights and shine, has created envy in adults for years. Hair can change dramatically as we age—sad, but true. Curls come and go. Hair thickens for some, while other's thins out. We envy the hair we once had.

For the rough and tumble play that can often create a mess of your child’s hair, here are three tips and tricks for styling kid's hair.

Easy does it. Children’s hair needs gentle products to keep hair soft and shiny. A shampoo and conditioner in one, like Klunie’s Chocolate 2-in-1 Shampoo from Circle of Friends, offers moisture and gives a clean finish. Plus, it smells just like chocolate! Kid’s eyes can be more sensitive to hair products like shampoo, which is why Baby Don’t Cry from Paul Mitchell Kids makes a great bath time product.

Prep the hair for styling. A gentle comb like The Wet Comb is great for detangling hair and also for separating sections to be styled into. With a kid-friendly styling product like Circle of Friends Erik’s Shaping Hair Gel, hair can be tamed to hold the style into place.

Hold it. We love everything from Circle of Friends, but we especially love Valerie’s Vanilla Freeze Hairspray. Those pesky static fly-aways in kids’ hair get tamed with this light hold that smells oh-so yummy! Because children’s hair is so soft and shiny, a hairspray really helps in styling and offering hold for a full day of activities.

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