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Why You Should Hand Wash Your Pets

Why You Should Hand Wash Your Pet

I have two children. One is human and the other is not.  I treat my dog, Bandit, just like a member of the family. And when it comes to keeping him healthy and clean, we always hand wash Bandit.

As John Paul Pet says, “Hand wash your pets; it’s the only way!”

When you hand wash your pets, you can thoroughly check your dog's body from head to toe. While grooming your dog, feel around for any new bumps, lumps, hair loss, and abnormalities that catch your eye. Just like humans, early detection of health issues and concerns is critical to your dog’s health and happiness.

Below are five tips to make hand washing your dog a happy and positive experience. These tips are coming to you just in time for National Dog Wash Month, which occurs throughout the month of June.

1) Find a shampoo that contains natural ingredients and matches your dog’s hair care needs. John Paul Pet offers a full line of pet shampooing and conditioning products. It doesn’t matter if your dog has sensitive skin, oily skin, or a dull coat – John Paul Pet has a grooming and hygiene product with your pet’s health and desired outcome in mind. Best of all? John Paul Pet’s products are made with safe and natural ingredients that don’t contain harmful chemicals!

2) Talk to your dog while you are washing them. The sound of your voice can calm and comfort your restless pup. If you're feeling super nurturing, try singing to them - just like you would for your human child during bath time.

3) If your dog is afraid of water, use a waterless shampoo. John Paul Pet’s Waterless Foam Shampoo is perfect for keeping your pup clean without inducing a puppy panic attack.

4) If you have a pet with an extra oily coat, apply shampoo directly to the coat without water. By doing so, your pup's hair will clean better and deeper.

5) For a smooth and healthy coat, use John Paul Pet’s Conditioning Spray. The conditioning spray will work wonders by giving your pet extra moisture and shine. Your fur child will appreciate the extra TLC!

Dog owners unite. Now is the time to keep our beloved pets happy, healthy, and squeaky clean.

Happy Washing!

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