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Hat Safe Hairstyles for Fall & Winter

With the weather cooling off, it’s important to consider new ways to stay warm. Add some character and trap all your warmth in with a hat. Don’t worry - we have styles to keep your hair safe under whichever hat you choose.

Slouchy Beanie: This hipster style will keep your heat in and your hair safe. For a day when you want a more relaxed look, this is that hat!  This would be also be one of your warmest options for a blustery winter day!

Style to Try: DIY Rope Braid

Product To Try: Aquage Thickening Spray Gel





Tweed jockey cap: Looking for a more classic preppy look to wear for a day of shopping and running errands? Pair the tweedy jockey cap with a French braid side bun. It may not keep your ears warm but it’ll add some really cute new character to your outfit.

Style to Try: French Braid to Side Bun

Product To Try: Rusk W8Less Hair Spray





Bucket hat: This hat gives off a very chic vibe. It reminds me of ice skating in the city. It’s a very cute look to keep the snow from falling on your head and the heat in. Think Mary Poppins! It’s going to stay on your head through the windiest of days.

Style to Try: Low Chignon

Product To Try: Rusk Designer Collection Mousse





Trapper Hat: For a sporty day at the tailgating field or if you really need to keep warm, try one of these hats. To keep this look chic, pair it with these super cute French rope braids.

Style to Try: Double French Rope Braids

Product To Try: It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product 

Trapper Hat


Beret: This is the perfect brunch hat when spending the day with girlfriends.  It’ll go great with your pea coat to keep it casual but still look put together.

Style to Try: Knotted Updo

Product To Try: Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray

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A friend of mine just commented on how hats have become a thing of this past, but that they are still such a classic look that is worth bringing back. Hats are an easy way to add character to your personal style. With the amount of styles available, go and try a new hat!

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