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Headbands to Keep Your Hair in Check at the Gym

One of the easiest things you can do to get work out ready is find the perfect headband to compliment not only your personal style but also your hair. There’s nothing worse than having your hair in your face while you’re breaking a sweat at the gym, on the trails, or at home. Here are our favorite headbands for the gym.

sweaty band headband to wear to the gym

While you are working out, there is nothing more distracting than feeling your headband slowly sliding off the back of your head. You want to look for something with some serious grip to it. Sweaty Bands (shown above) comes highly recommended.  Bonus: they offer customized options. What an awesome accessory if you're outfitting a whole team!

Goody’s Stay Put Headband is a classic and is easy to find at your local drugstore. These headbands will stay put during even your sweatiest gym sessions.

one up headbands

If you have a lot of short hairs around your face (short layers, bangs, or little flyaway’s) it’s always good to use a thick headband, think 2-3 inches to hold back those hairs. Check out One Up Bands for a sophisticated and stylish way to hold those pesky hairs back so you can focus on what really matters: burning those calories!

athletic headband to wear at the gym

When you’re holding back your hair, don’t hold back on style.  There are so many options and styles to choose from.

These are just some of the many athletic headbands out there. What do you look for in an athletic headband? Which brand do you love?

Sarah is a new contributor to Loxa Beauty and we are thrilled to have her! Be on the look out for more great posts from Sarah. 

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