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Healthier Hair in Four Easy Steps

Healthier Hair in Four Easy Steps


By now, you've got your winter hair care routine down. But, the chilly temps, snowy days and hats can really be harsh on your locks. Try some of these tips on how to get healthier hair as the temperatures warm up.

1.  Eat up - But seriously.  There's a lot of research suggesting the best foods to improve your hair regarding. Regardless of what nutrients your chose, eating balanced and healthy meals will greatly improve the strength of your hair this winter.

2. Get a humidifier - Having curly hair, I understand the concern over frizzy hair. A humidifier however, adds much needed moisture back into the air when the air is much drier and colder.  Utilizing a humidifier can add shine back into your hair during the cold months!

3. Start Drinking - While it might seem obvious, drinking more water during your day has incredible health benefits on your hair. Your skin and hair the first to become dehydrated in the winter,  so drinking water helps restore moisture back to your hair and scalp.

4. A Deep Conditioning Treatment - Essential for maintaining strength and shine for your hair, a hair treatment will significantly improve the health of your hair. Adding protection and moisture to your hair, I recommend using the Farouk Biosilk line, which does wonders for adding softness and shine no matter the season!


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