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Healthy, Sexy, Gluten-free Hair

Healthy, Sexy Gluten-Free Hair

Going gluten-free in hair products doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice product performance or high style. More and more gluten-free hair products hit the market to offer freshly washed hairdos and second day hairstyles.

Whether you seek products sans gluten out of allergic necessity or as a personal choice, you can find shampoos, gels, hairsprays and all your styling must haves. For a worry-free and gluten-free hair styling regimen, here some tips:

Lather and rinse without slathering on the gluten. Wheat products, or more specifically, hydrolyzed wheat protein, are the culprit gluten ingredient often found in hair care products. Healthy Sexy Hair, Malibu C and AG Hair all makes numerous gluten-free shampoos and conditioners that target all hair concerns like color protection, frizz and dry hair. You can still keep your hair color bright with Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. And Malibu C offers Hard Water Wellness Shampoo to target malicious minerals hiding in your water.

Use protein-packed products to boost healthy hair. Damaged hair results from many factors, one of which is protein loss. This is a common occurrence in undiagnosed gluten allergies. The Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth Extender Masque penetrates deep into hair for nourished strands, gluten-free.

Add shine, curl, volume and hold without gluten. You can keep your types of hairstyling products in your routine even if you choose to go gluten free. You can get a silky, shiny finish with Hypershine Repair Spray from Scruples and cue your curls with AG Hair’s Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray. Get a volume boost with Scruples’ Volume Root Lifter and hold it all together with Spray Glue #dirtyfinish by INDIE Hair.

So many more gluten-free products offer worry-free hairstyling—from detanglers to firm-hold gels to pomades. Loxa Beauty lets you search for all of your favorite styling products and lets you know which products are gluten free.

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