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Hit the Road, Heat Damage: the AG Hair Heat Styling Trifecta

Hit the Road, Heat Damage: the AG Hair Heat Styling Trifecta

Let’s face it - we’re all a little addicted to our electronics. Tablets, phones, computers… you name it, we love it. And that includes our heat styling tools. If you frequently use and abuse that blowdryer and straightener, you aren’t alone.

Though it’s an instant cure for a bad hair day, heat styling creates dry and damaged hair… ultimately leading to even more bad hair days and more heat styling. While curling and straightening addictions are hard to break, it’s easy to give hair some love and prevent further heat damage.

Using a heat protectant every time you style will make an incredible difference in your hair health. AG Hair has created a trifecta of heat protection. Reach for these next time you use your straightener and you’ll see improvement immediately.

Hit the Road, Heat Damage: the AG Hair Heat Styling Trifecta

Right after shampooing and conditioning, apply The Oil before firing up your blow dryer. The Argan oil, keratin protein, and vitamin E strengthen weak hair. To use, apply a dime to nickel size in your palms and work through your hair, focusing mid-shaft and on the ends. It gives hair a deep dose of moisture, making it appear shiny and soft.

After drying, spray Firewall Argan flat iron spray throughout hair, again focusing mid-shaft and on the ends. This light formula creates a protective barrier between your precious hair and the heat of your iron, preventing breakage.

Once you’ve achieved your desired style, mist Frizzproof anti-humidity spray. It seals your style and minimizes frizz while protecting hair from outside elements.

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