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Hollywood's Redhead It Girls

Hollywood's redhead trend is growing and we're loving it! Gone are the days of Lindsay Lohan leading the auburn army and the copper crew. These four ladies rule the reds and it's easy to see why!

But can hair this bold come naturally? Not for these ladies. Spoiler alert: none of the reds are natural!

Hollywood's Redhead It Girls Christina Hendricks

1. Christina Hendricks - She wasn't named Esquire's Sexiest Woman of the Year for nothin'! The reigning queen bee of celeb redheads is (gasp!) naturally blonde. She began dying her hair red after reading Anne of Green Gables when she was 10. The color stuck with her and she's been red ever since. We love her that way!

Hollywood's Redhead It Girls Rihanna

2. Rihanna - It's pretty clear that RiRi isn't a natural redhead either. This bad girl has naturally dark brown tresses, but let's face it: with a personality that spicy, red is the only color for her! Rihanna is never afraid to be bold or try something new, but this bright red is what she always comes back to. Who can blame her?

Hollywood's Redhead It Girls Debra messing

3. Debra Messing - I like to think of Debra as the mother of all modern redheads and, until researching this post, I assumed her color was natural. Debra is naturally a brunette who changed her color in the late 80's when she was trying to break out in Hollywood. After a series of popular sitcoms, the red was here to stay! She's one actress who is better known for her fabulous hair color than her acting.

Hollywood's Redhead It Girls emma stone

4. Emma Stone - Did you know Emma is naturally blonde? When she first started acting, she colored her hair red because she thought it would help her land roles. Was she right? Something tells me Jules in Super Bad might not have been as enchanting (and sassy!) in any other color. Since then, Emma has bounced back and forth between her natural blonde and signature red. She's become such a megastar that she'll get hired no matter her color!

There are plenty of natural redheads out there! Many natural red shades are softer, like that of Isla Fisher. Natural or not, it is important to take care of your gorgeous color. Keep your color looking fab with a conditioner specifically for red hair.

Are you a firey redhead? Is your color natural? We want to hear from you! What sets redheads apart?

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