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Hot Mama Hairstyles

I'm not a mother. I don't plan to pop out any mini-Chrissys for at least another eight years. I find no joy when a baby goes "poopie".

So, what in the world would qualify me to write a blog post on hot hairstyles for moms? Easy. I have one -- and bless her heart -- she has had some rough hair days. If I learned anything from my sweet mother, it is that motherhood is no walk in the park. The packed schedule leaves little time for pampering and - on most days - the first thing to go from a busy mama's schedule is her hair.

bad hair

The good news? There are styles thought up just for moms on the go. To simplify, I broke down the styles into 3 parts by length: the short, the medium, the long - just to prove length isn't necessarily the solution, but rather - cut.

So, in honor of a fresh new school year, Loxa Beauty recommends a fresh new cut. We know there is a hot mama behind that ponytail, and we want to hear her roar.

The Short:

Dianna Agron Hot Mama Hairstyles

The great thing about a choppy, layered look like the one above is that the style requires virtually no styling each morning. That is the glory of having your stylist add texture to your cut - little work. All that is necessary for a look like the above is a texturizing cream.

The Medium:

Kristen Bell Hot Mama Hairstyles

A smooth, elegant look is also a great idea for a busy mom. The key is to have your stylist cut mixed-length layers, with shorter pieces in front. This makes styling go much quicker in the morning as volume is included in the shape of your tresses. To recreate the above style try out a gloss.

The Long:

Kate Middleton Hot Mama Hairstyles

Be honest, you knew I would pick Kate Middleton for this one. The new mama rocks long hair, even with her crazy schedule (granted she has help) This look is classic and takes virtually no time when you utilize hot rollers rather than a curling iron. Wake up, pop in the rollers, take them out, spray with hairspray and you are finished!

Which mom style would you be most likely to rock?

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