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The Hottest Hair Color Trends Coming Up in 2013

It’s here ladies: the New Year- 2013- and with it, all the excitement and change that the beginning of the calendar always brings.  2012 was full of bright, bold color, from the colors of our toenails, to our jeans, to our hair! Remember hair chalking? In addition to color, ombre was made famous and trendy by the likes of Khloe Kardashian, and Kelly Osbourne made grey hair look young and hip.


As much fun as the 2012 hair color trends were, 2013 is raising the bar with its trends, going brighter, bolder, and more dramatic.  Read on to see what 2013 has in store for our hair.

Goodbye Grey- Hello White and Black!

Perhaps inspired by the grey trend, iced blonde and raven black are going to be seen allover the runways and magazines in 2013.  Blonde will move away from warm, honey hues to being icy cool- the perfect tone for cool girls with fair complexions.  Miley Cyrus, always a trend setter, was the first to go blonde and bold before 2013.

If you don’t have the fair skin coloring to go icy blonde, perhaps consider dying your hair jet-black.  No longer a color reserved for Goth girls, the black of 2013 is bound to elevate your look to being chic and sophisticated, as long as you don’t pair it with matching black lipstick.

Drawn to Bright Color? Consider Bright Red

True red is the color for 2013, as opposed to subtle auburns or understated hues.  If you are craving a bold, dramatic update to your look for 2013, consider going classic red.  Make sure to schedule a consultation with your stylist to figure out the perfect shade for you- as a color this bold needs to be executed thoughtfully.

Reverse Color Techniques

Instead of seeing color at the tips of hair, as 2012 was all about, stylists are reversing the trend, and the focal point of hair and color is being seen at the root of hair in 2013.  The ombre technique is being reversed, so hair goes from light to dark root to tip,

and the splashes of color are appearing at the top of our heads, as Katy Perry stylishly shows off with her delicately laced pink-blonde bob.

Katy Perry color at the root

Additionally, the 2013 pop of color to look out for will be a denim blue hue.

New Trend: Veiled Hair

Veiled hair will be the color technique to turn heads with this year, so be on the lookout for it.  Veiled hair is a technique where a panel of different color is placed inconspicuously, so with each different way you style your hair, you will achieve a different look with how the panel of color stands out!  This is a cool trend for professionals to try too, as the color can be hidden during the day, and be exposed at night when you’re off the clock.

So go ahead, make 2013 your year, and set the pace early with trying out a new hair color trend at the start of what is bound to be a great year!

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