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How to Choose the Best Salon Once You Graduate

When you graduate from cosmetology school, you want to make sure that you find the best salon to help you grow your clientele and will help you to grow as a stylist. It should be somewhere that you feel proud to work and love the people you work with. But how do you go about finding that perfect salon?


Hair Salon Team

1. Take a tour of prospective salons. Make sure that it fits your style. If you are into a more laid back atmosphere, you are more likely to enjoy working at a privately owned salon as opposed to a big chain. While you are taking the tour of the salon, make sure that you ask any questions that you have right then and there. Feel free to take notes if you wish. Take note of how the other stylists act around each other. Look at the type of clients that come in to the salon. Look at the products and styling tools that they use. These are all important because if you do not feel like something is the right fit for you, it could hinder your ability to grow.

2. Ask the salon manager important questions. Check on how your performance is reviewed. Ask about how they do bookings and what your retail sales quota will be (how much Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo you have to sell per month or how much Kenra Creme Paste you should be selling). Check to see if they offer continuing education classes for stylists who want to learn more. All of these questions could help you make a decision right then and there as to whether you want to apply for the job. Make sure that you dress professionally and act professionally. This could be considered an interview. First impressions are everything.

3. A great way to break into a new salon and your styling career is to start as an assistant to another stylist. They will be able to show you the ropes, how they do things, and teach you some of their best practices. You will be able to learn quite a bit so that you are far more confident when you start on your own. Watch carefully while they are with a client to see how they interact with them. See what kind of advice they give to the client and the order of products that they use in their hair.

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