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How to Clean Your Hair Dryer in 4 Steps

We all know that it’s super important to clean your makeup brushes in order to avoid breakouts and maintain healthy skin but, have you ever thought about cleaning your hair dryer?

We spend so much time finding the best shampoos for our hair in order to clean out all the grime that gets attached to it during the day, yes? Well, think about all the dirt that you’re putting back into your hair when you don’t clean one of your most utilized hair tools.

Want to maintain healthy hair? Follow these four easy steps to clean your hair dryer:

Step #1 – Remove the guard or filter from your hair dryer to get started.


Step #2 – Use your fingers to pull out as much lint and dust as possible from your hair dryer.


Step #3 – Use a toothpick to pull out the excess dirt throughout the filter and actual hair dryer to get as much as possible.


Step #4 – Get a high quality paper towel and dampen it. Finally, wipe down both the filter and the hair dyer.


Ta da! Your hair dryer is now clean. Having clean hair tools helps maintain healthier hair and prevent further damage to your locks.

For the love of (clean) hair,


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