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How to Do Braids with Curly Hair

Styling curly hair in the summer doesn't need to be difficult. I've come to love trying new hair styles with my curly hair, especially braids! And, here at Loxa Beauty we love braids.

So how can you actually braid curly hair? Here are a few of my tips and tricks for how to do braids with curly hair:


1. Defrizz as much as possible - If you have curly hair, you KNOW that most stylists will tell you, "Stop touching your curls" to help eliminate frizz. So it's important to use products that will defrizz your hair while you're braiding your hair. I recommend using an argan oil like AG Hair the Oil or a texture cream like Brocato Texture Creme.

Brocaco Texture Creme

2. Start the braid when your hair is damp - Just like when you're drying your hair with a diffuser, leave your curls slightly damp before beginning the braid. By doing this, it really helps keep the braid in place and doesn't make my curls as frizzy.

Braided Hairstyle Very loose side braid with curly hair

3. Section out your hair - Bring out your old banana clips or even butterfly clips. It's easiest to create a braided look by sectioning off your hair while creating your braid.

4. Straighten your curls - While this might seem odd to use a straightener on your curly hair when creating a braid, it can help get the entire style completed easier. No need to completely straighten your hair, but simply take small sections (if your hair is dry) and get your hair a little wavy by applying heat.

Straightening Curly Hair


5. Use a serum as you're braiding - As you're creating the braided look, tame down your fly aways with a serum or silkening product! I recommend only using a few drops so you're not weighing down your curls with a lot of product. This will help complete the look, as well.


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