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French Braid How-To

I could swear that people who know how to french braid are magicians. I have tried to attempt this braid many times in my life and it has always been a fail of epic proportions. The few people I've come across that actually know how to do them either say that it's easy (psshhh), or that it took them tons of practice to master, which automatically disinterests me.

With the rise of the "Braid Craze" this year, I decided to make a personal goal to finally "nail this braid on the head" in the name of good hair. I also figured that if I can help a person or two in the process, it's a double win!

The following video is a GREAT tutorial that not only shows you how to french braid your best friend's hair, but it shows you how to braid your own as well!

How to French Braid Hair -- powered by ehow

Don't get it twisted - braids aren't just a summer thing! They are high style when incorporated into updos, and even for adding a little pizzazz when you want to wear it down. Even if you had trouble following the tutorial, keep at it! Practice makes perfect and it will be worth it in the name of style!

Have any more "How To's" you'd like for us to feature? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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