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How to Heal Curling Iron Burns

hair curlingWhoever said "beauty is pain" was seriously deranged...and correct. The infamous curling iron burn, (aka the bane of every woman's existence). It hurts, it looks bad, and it hurts...did I mention IT HURTS? Like a lot.

See below for how to heal curling iron burns.

Step 1: Treatment

Immediately cool down the burn by putting it under cold water for 15-20 minutes Tip: You can take a bag of peas (or carrots, whatever) and hold it up to your burn instead.

Apply an antibiotic ointment (ex. Bacitracin) twice a day. Note: Make sure you assess the burn. If it is second or third degree, seek medical attention immediately. 

If you are a fan of more natural products, try honey or tea tree oil. These can be great on burns as well!

Step 2: Hide

Whatever you do, DON'T put makeup on your burn. This is where you need to get creative with your tresses.

If it's on your forehead create a side bang swoop look by pinning your front hair across like so:147653243


If it's on your neck, try a downward side swept look like so:200449039-001


Step 3: Prevent

1. Try to purchase a curling iron with a plasticized tip for safe holding.

2. Don't turn the iron on full heat unless your hair actually NEEDS that much heat!

3. Slide a plastic comb between your scalp and iron. This will protect your hair and your scalp so no burns occur.

4. Look down before you grab the iron. It sounds so obvious, but we are all guilty of grabbing the iron by the wrong end and cursing every person you've ever met in your life in the process.

5. If you are using a wand, get the glove.

6. Look at the statistics, if you burn your hair or face every time you curl, consider using hot rollers instead. They make natural waves that are just as gorgeous!