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How to Keep Your Hair Looking Young and Healthy

We all do it.  All the time.  Constantly.  What is it that I am referring to?  Reading articles on how to keep ourselves looking young from head to toe.  In the incredibly vain effort to age as gracefully as possible, we women are always on the look-out for the best skin care, infused waters, dietary supplements and exercise fads that will allow us to transcend time like Jennifer Aniston.

But there is one area of my beauty routine that I don’t tend to correlate with aging, at least when it comes to ‘looking young,’ and that area is my hair.  Yes, we all try to be ‘age appropriate’ when it comes to the right cut and color, but what do we do to slow down aging hair?  Regardless of how old we are, how long or short our hair is, and whether or not we decide to embrace the grey, what we always do strive to do is keep our hair from growing old.  So read on to discover how to keep your hair looking young and healthy.

Drink Water

160333258 Water is key to healthy, full hair


Yes, water seems to be the magic elixir to everything health and beauty related, but can never be stressed enough!  Hair is actually a part of the body’s metabolic system, so it needs water to grow and stay healthy, just like a plant.  Inadequate water intake will cause the root of hair to shrink, which leads to hair falling out.  Therefore, water is quintessential for keeping hair thick and healthy.


Eat Right

180886837 Eat foods with vitamin B12, iron, and zinc to feed your locks


Just like everything else, there are certain vitamins and minerals our hair needs in order to stay locked on our heads.  For example, vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for metabolism, so a deficiency in it can cause thinning hair.  Your hair also needs iron and zinc for optimal growth; in fact, losing hair can be a sign of a deficiency for either mineral.  In order to be pro-active about the health of your hair, consistently incorporate eggs into your diet for B12, dark leafy green vegetables like spinach for iron, and shellfish, seeds, and wheat germ for zinc. And, in case you need another excuse to drink a delish smoothie, this recipe packs a serious punch when it comes to beautifying vitamins.


Reduce Stress

dv708017 Grab some friends and head to the spa to relax


Losing hair can also be a sign of excessive stress or anxiety, so in order to both calm your nerves and maintain healthy, full locks, make sure you get plenty of sleep and include stress reducing activities, such as exercise or spending time with good friends, into your everyday routine.  Spa day, anyone?


Pro-active Product

Aquage Volumizing TreatmenHair products to help maintain the health of hair are starting to populate the market that are starting to treat hair follicle growth, strengthen hair shafts, and treat the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth and maintenance.  Currently feel like your hair is pre-maturely ‘aging’?  Try out Aquage Volumizing Treatment, which is a leave-in formula that strengthens and moisturizes hair.

Let's talk more about anti-aging! What do you do to look your youngest? Leave us a note in the comments section below.

For the love of healthy and young hair,


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