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How To Nail The No-Makeup Look


We're all suckers for a good trend and this is definitely one of them! I've been seeing this look everywhere and I am so loving it!...Then again, show me anything labelled 'easy' that involves me spending less time in the morning on my makeup routine, and I'm game.


Whether you're a makeup junkie with tons of time on your hands or a stay-at-home mom with very little time, you'll be able to look fresh and flawlessly fab in minutes with this super easy tutorial!



Here's how :




1. Start by washing and moisturizing your face.


wash and moisturize



2. Apply a tinted moisturizer all over. If you prefer a little more coverage like I do, you can use a foundation. However, instead of applying your foundation all over, focus on the areas that are uneven, red, etc.



apply foundation and concealer



3. Apply concealer under the eyes and on the bridge of your nose.



4. Brush a light layer of loose powder in your t-zone or any areas where your skin may be a little oily.



set with powder



5. Use a brow comb to define your brow shape.


groom eyebrows



6. Try a powder (instead of pencil), for a soft, subtle finish.





7. Apply two coats of mascara, starting at the base and zig-zagging your way to the tips.



8. Use two fingers to smooth a neutral cream blush onto your cheeks. If you're not sure which color to choose, check out our tutorial on finding the perfect blush for your skin tone right here!


lip and cheek color


9. Apply the cream blush to your lips and top with a neutral lip balm. I used Lipsmackers in Cotton Candy.



10. All done!


featured image




How easy is that, right? I think I might've found a new favorite look! (At least for the time being!) And guess what?! Now you'll have more time in the morning for that coffee run!....Or if you're like me, more time to blend up a super yummy green smoothie!





For the love of makeup,




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