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How to Re-Boost Your Bangs


As with every haircut, time passes and the “fresh-cut feeling” we all love starts to dwindle.  Unfortunately, this can be especially traumatic for your bangs.  They begin to lose shape and you can never get them to look quite as lively as they did after that very first cut.

You stop and think “Hm, maybe they are in need of a little trim and touch up!” (But before you grab those scissors, we recommend thinking twice... or three times. Few at-home bang trims end successfully. Check with your stylist first - many salons offer free bang trims! Pop in and let the pros handle it.)Urban Love


If you're an exceptionally skilled self-bang trimmer, a little snip snip may help a bit, but you've likely lost the bang bounce you once had.  A few trims down the road, their life is drained, and all hope looks to be lost.  Flat and just hanging out on your forehead, you need some re-boosting power fast before they look like Britney's!

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I love bangs, but if you don’t work to keep them looking lively and shaped, they begin to look limp – and limp bangs just aren’t a good look for anyone.  Figuring out how to put that bounce back in place is the tough part though.  Here is a little secret you might not have thought of... are you ready to learn the absolute best way to re-boost your bangs?

Here it is:  PIN THEM BACK when you sleep & USE A ROUND BRUSH when you blow dry'Water for Elephants' New York premiere

If your hair is trained to sit in a certain direction, as it grows it will become more accustomed to sitting that way.  If you pull your bangs forward every day and sleep with them that way – well, they are constantly set in that same general position.  As your hair grows longer sitting in that position, the new hair growing closest to your roots is being trained to sit that direction as well, and a simple trimming of the ends will not fix a problem at the roots.  So, this is why we pin them back!  Not drastically pulled back tight and plastered down on top of your head (you don’t want them looking crazy when you wake up in the morning) – instead, pin them loosely to look like you are trying to create a poof style.  Now they will have time to relax and grow in a different direction.

When you blow dry your hair, use a ROUND BRUSH on your bangs and motion it up and outwards.  This will add volume and shape to your bangs.  Lock in your re-boosted bangs with a LIGHT hairspray.  Remember to cover your eyes!


If you follow these two simple practices, your bangs will feel re-boosted in no time!

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