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This One's a Nail Biter... (Guest Blogger)

Literally…this guest blogger was. Keyword:  was.

Nail Biter


What an awful habit! For those of you that bite your nails, I totally get it. Ever since I was young, my nails were beyond short. Well, to be honest, short is a bit of an understatement. I’m sure all the nail-biters have heard it before…I had what one would call, nubs!

It’s so common and happens all the time – biting your nails. Turns out there’s a difference though between normal nail-biting and pathological nail-biting according to Quest, an online science series. When some nail biters might be triggered by a hang nail, “pathological nail biters” shorten their nails during a scary movie, before a first date, when their bored in class or during a long drive.

I swear it’s genetic, though. My mom and my two younger sisters also do it. I suppose when I was younger and witnessed my mom mulling over something as she chewed on her nails, I thought that was adult-like and cool to do.

So what’s it take to break the habit?  I tried everything: bitter polish, no-bite, bite-no-more and so on.  It wasn’t until after college, when a guy I was dating asked me to scratch his back. “With my NUBS,” I thought?

From that day forward, my journey to longer nails began. I started putting polish on my nails every single day. At first it was clear polish and as they grew, I eventually adventured into colors. Each time I had the urge to bite or pick at my nails, I just picked off the polish instead. As my nails grew, I remember thinking the smallest amount of white nail extending past my skin was a success.

Nails Stage 2 Mine are the pink nails. This was success to me and I was showing them off. I’m sure you can just imagine the before, now…

But seriously, you can do it! How many fun nail designs and polish techniques have you wanted to try but don’t have the surface space to do so? It’s your turn to turn a few heads. Scratch a few backs! Life is way more fun with longer nails.


Nails Nails Nails My friends and I out in Nashville. I painted all of our nails!
image Here are my nails today. I've come a long, long way... literally!



Lynzee McDowell is an outgoing and ambitious Marketing Coordinator for a small hospital in Greensburg, Indiana.  I function on the right side of my brain a majority of days and consider myself a leader with a passion for creativity and innovation! I have a slight obsession with the “girly” things in life and I’m always trying new things when it comes to fashion, beauty and hair.

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