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How to Wash Curly Hair (Guest Blogger)

I grew up in a family of 5 curly haired women. You can imagine the Draino my father often had to buy. Yet, despite living amongst all these curls, I didn’t know how to take care of my curls until I was 17 years old. Why? Because I had to learn that I was doing everything wrong for my hair.

When I was younger I used the cool products that had cute packaging and promised to give me bouncy curls, got my hair cut from someone who claimed they knew how to cut curly hair and blow dried it. During that time period, I was never happy with my hair. It was frizzy and every time I got my hair cut I walked out crying. I didn’t understand that even though people told me they knew how to cut curly hair, they didn’t.


The Adored Life | Guest Blogging for Loxa Beauty About All Things Curls


I got sick of it one day. I decided to figure out what works best for my hair. No two curly headed people are alike. Remember that - your curls have their own needs and you can’t base those needs off of someone else’s curls.

It took me two years to figure out what worked for me. However, when I figured out what worked for me, I had never been happier with my hair. I hope that what I have learned will help you on your curly hair journey. Remember that you have got to learn about your curls before you can fully understand how to work with them.



Ladies, put down the shampoo. Seriously. You know why? Curly hair shouldn’t be shampooed more than once a week. Sound gross to you? Yep, but this is why you need to stop. Curly hair is naturally dryer than straight hair. I shampoo my hair once a week. I use Deva Curl No Poo shampoo and One Condition conditioner. That’s it. Once a week, absolutely no more than that.


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You may think that your hair will become oily, nasty or a frizz ball. It won’t. Let your hair replenish its own oils. My hair is washed once a week and when I shower in the morning I rinse it out with shower water to then style. My hair has never been as healthy as when I stopped shampooing so often.


Deva Curl Dry Shampoo

If you are worried about going that long without shampoo I recommend using Deva Curl Dry Shampoo. The dry shampoo will help you feel better about not washing as often and hides any issues you may have such as oil.

Trust me. Stop shampooing more than once a week. Your hair will thank you.

In my next guest post, I will discuss how I style my hair to get optimum volume and shine!


Adored Life Headshot | Guest Blogging for Loxa Beauty About All Things Curls


Hi there, my name is Alissa. I blog at The Adored Life, a place where I document my outfits and life stories as a student at the University of Kansas.  Daily you can find me studying, playing with my curly hair and trying to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.


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