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How To Work The Mod Look

The Mod look was one of the best things to come out of the 60's. Sleek cropped hair, long flips with a teased crown, doll-like lashes, dramatic cat eyes, nude lips, neon lips, the Mod look has it all!

It's a look that transcends time. Have you ever been watching a historical fiction show or film and known right away that it was shot in the 60's (even though it was supposed to be in ancient Rome or colonial America!!) based solely on the hair and makeup? It's a style that stands out by hyper-enhancing existing feature to a grand degree while simultaneously mixing in nudes or subtle hues to counterbalance it all.

While Twiggy helped to popularize this fashion in the 60's, Jessica Pare as Megan Draper and Zooey Deschanel as...herself (and pretty much every character she plays), have brought this look heavily into the modern mainstream. And I am GLAD! Any excuse for a neon lip and smoldering cat eye is good enough for me. Here are three classic Mod looks and the tips and tricks you need to have some of this awesomeness in your everyday life.

Mod Makeup Trend | Megan Draper

Jessica Pare as Megan Draper is so on point. She doesn't always go for the cat eye, but when she does, she makes it extra bold by drawing a thick black line in the crease instead of more standard contouring. It's perfect! I love it and you love it and we all love it. Except if you don't, and that's cool, too. Here she's got a bold, half-up style with a teased crown.



Mod Makeup Trend | Twiggy

Oh, Twiggy! I am majorly digging these drawn on baby doll lashes. They open the eyes up and overly exaggerate a natural feature, creating a sort of beautifully absurd discordance between the natural and expected and the extreme and costume-ish. Note that she pairs this magnetizing, hypnotic eye with a nude lip. No attention is drawn from the eye! And the sleek crop is neat and tidy, edgy and unusual but still very clean cut and professional, juxtaposing terrifically with those lashes.



Mod Makeup Trend |  zooey-deschanel

Zooey Deschanel knows how to work a blunt bang and cat eye, for sure.  Also not one to shy away from the teased crown and flipped ends, Zooey is also commonly seen sporting various bouffant styles and pigtails. Teasing your hair for more everyday looks like ponytails, pigtails, and braids takes the style from common to adventurous in moments.



What do you think? Have you been rocking the Mod look? If you haven't, do you want to try? Is it a 'pass' for you? Meet me down in the comments and tell me about it!


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