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Hateful Humidity: 4 Updos to Beat the Heat

Unless you are planning to hide in a box this summer, there is a pretty good chance you are going to struggle with a massive case of Hair Trauma, otherwise known as humidity. Generally, the moist air takes good hair days and transforms them into styles similar to Medusa's untamed tentacles and Carrot Top's ginger fro.

In all honesty, if you really want to beat the heat and have humidity control this summer, it is going to take more a heating tool. Every girl needs a ninja-style back up plan (in case the humidity and crappy weather blasts product away), followed by a go-to quick fix style for days when the humidity is rocking your hair in the worst way.

Option #1: The Side Braid

To help achieve the sleekness of this particular braid, keep a creme paste with you in your beach bag (try Rusk Styling Paste). Forget it at home? Don't worry! This style will look great even if there are frizzes.

frizz free summer styles


Option #2: Messy Braided Pony

What I love about this look is that you can easily make a messy, frizzy disaster look adorable. Note: If you have short hair, this style can still be achieved! Just braid a one to two inch section and mix it into the base of a low pony. (Here is a quick tutorial for our short haired girls!) Add a little extra texture and hold to this style with Rusk Freezing Spray.

frizz free summer styles

Option #3: Beachy Bun

Oh, the messy beach bun, a classic humidity fighting style that can never and will never grow old! If you want to mix up this look a bit, try braiding your hair before you form the bun (this tutorial shows you how)!

frizz free summer styles

Option #4: Soft Low Pony

Braids are taking over this summer. If you aren't down with the hype, try a simple low pony similar to the one below. However, overlap hair in layers (similar to the braiding method) to change it up a bit! If you get too hot, twist hair up into a loose, low bun.

frizz free summer styles

Products to Keep In Your Beach Bag/Purse This Summer:

Halo Mist // Beach Texturizing Mist // Detangling Spray

These products will be your go-tos all summer long! Why? Halo Mist protects your hair from the damaging rays of the sun.

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