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The Importance of a Good Shampoo

AG Hair Shampoo


The team at AG Hair always says that a great hair day starts in the shower. Your shampoo regimen creates the foundation for how your final look will turn out.

How do you find the right shampoo? When it comes to choosing your shampoo, quality is key. Always look at the ingredients. Some shampoos include a huge list of ingredients that you might not recognize. For example, Sodium Chloride (which is just plain ol’ table salt) is used the thicken shampoo formulas, but it really just dries out your scalp and makes hair appear dull and lifeless.

Think of your hair as an extension of your body. It’s important to put healthy foods in your body, and it’s equally important to use safe and healthy products on your hair. Skip the salt and try an AG Hair shampoo instead. They’ve created a shampoo for every hair type that gently cleanses without stripping your hair of good oils and beautiful salon color.

It’s like that old saying, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” So let’s take a look at the ingredients inside each of the AG Hair shampoos. Each one is created with plant-based ingredients such as rosemary, cherry bark, sage, nettle, and lavender. Best of all, AG Hair never ever uses Parabens, DEA, or PABA… and testing on animals? No way.


AG Hair Shampoos

Which AG Hair shampoo should you use? We break it down to help you choose which one is best for you!

Color Lovah - Salon color is an investment, so protecting it is so important. Colour Savour shampoo provides protection against UV rays and includes color extending ingredients. Bonus: it’s sulfate free!

Product Junkie - Product build-up creates hair that’s dull and lifeless. Refresh your locks with Renew clarifying shampoo. It gets rid of chlorine and mineral deposits, too, so choose this if you expose your hair to hard water or swim frequently.

Dry Guy - or gal! If your hair is extra dry and frizzy, go for the Xtramoist moisturizing shampoo. It’s formulated with amino acids, protein, and honey extracts, making it ideal to keep on hand, especially in the winter months.

Chemically Damaged - Addicted to treatments and heat styling? Treat hair with Refuel strengthening shampoo. Keratin kicks up this shampoo to make it extra moisturizing. Buh-bye breakage.

Brassy, Not Classy - If your hair has developed a yellow or green tinge, Sterling Silver toning shampoo is your go-to. It has a violet base, which works to remove brassy tones and make your color look its best.

Curly Girl - Curls require some extra love. Mega moisturizing Recoil curl care shampoo fights frizz while adding more bounce to curls.

Plain Jane - Average? Not you! But if your hair texture is normal, Fast Food shampoo is your best bet. The formula is light, but still moisturizing and luxurious.

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