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INDIE Hair Tutorial | Polished Pixie to Textured Tresses

Pixie Tutorial by INDIE Hair


Pixies are hotter than ever! But it can be easy to fall into a styling rut with this cut. Switch up your signature style with one of these two options by INDIE Hair.


What you’ll need to get the looks:

INDIE Hair #mixitsoft polish
INDIE Hair #mixitstrong gel
Round brush
INDIE Hair #superfirm hairspray
Backcombing or teasing brush
INDIE Hair #round2 powder
INDIE Hair #wreckit putty → clay


Let’s do it!

For a sleeker style, start with dry hair. Mix INDIE Hair #mixitsoft polish and INDIE Hair #mixitstrong gel in your palms and apply throughout hair. Smooth with a round brush, pulling hair forward. Shape your hair and finish the look by misting INDIE Hair #superfirm hairspray throughout.

Walk on the wild side with a bold textured look. Starting with dry hair, apply INDIE Hair #mixitstrong gel from roots to tips. Using a round brush, pull hair forward and backcomb roots to create major volume. Lightly apply INDIE Hair #round2 powder to your roots. Shape hair and pull fringe down. Use a mixture of INDIE Hair #round2 powder and INDIE Hair #wreckit putty → clay to separate your ends. Once you’ve created a look you love, lock it in place with INDIE Hair #superfirm hairspray.

Did this INDIE Hair tutorial work for you? Let us know!

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