Introducing INDIE Hair - the edgy new face in salon hair care


Your hair is a reflection of who you are. You’re bold, fearless, edgy… maybe a wild, a little reckless. If your hair is going to keep up with your lifestyle, you need the right products to create your ideal look and lock it in place.

Indie Hair is a brand new line of styling products designed create styles as bold as you are. But they know when to play it safe - all of the Indie Hair products are color-safe and gentle for all hair types. And every formula is gluten-free and paba-free.

Whether it’s super sleek and straight style you’re after, or big, bad volume, there are Indie products for everyone. Best of all, their products are designed for layering. Try these product combos or create your own.




Can your hair care keep up with you? Indie Hair can.

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