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Is Sleeping with Makeup on Really *That* Bad?

When it comes to writing about skincare tips and healthy habits, I’ve got that down pat. When it comes to practicing excellent skincare – well that’s another story…It’s time I just come clean...

Hi, my name is Ashley Sieb and I am a recovering face planter.


biggest sleeping beauty mistakes


Are you a face planter? Here are a few signs to help determine if you’re guilty as charged:

- You don’t wash your face before bed.

- You don’t lose any sleep if you forget to use make-up remover before bed.

- If you happen to wash your face, you only use a cheap cleanser that you got on clearance at Target.

- You think this an acceptable way of washing your face:




I didn’t realize I was a face planter until three weeks ago. My friend had a relaxation spa party. I had no clue what expect. I knew there was going to be free food and pregnancy-friendly cocktails, which is all I really needed to know.

After a few snacks and drinks, the consultant opened up the party by educating everyone about the different layers of skin.




The three layers of skin are reflective of the picture above:

-raisins (the deepest layer of skin epidermis, which requires technologically-advanced products developed specifically to bathe this deepest layer in moisture)

-grapes (the epidermis layer of skin where you can really make a difference in the aging process)

-cornflakes (represent the outer layer of skin)

Then she said something that shook my world upside down.

Are you ready for it?

"Every single night you do not wash your face before you go to bed, the skin on your face ages 5 to 7 days...every single time!"

What did she say next? And what did I do next?

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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