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How John Paul Pet Hopes to Save One Million Pets

How John Paul Pet Hopes to Save One Million Pets

Find one million shelter animals a loving home. That seems like a pretty aggressive goal, but John Paul Pet is up for the challenge.

John Paul Pet is an amazing company that is known for its "tested on human first" pet products. The company is a huge advocate of health and wellness through grooming so that owners can find any lumps or abrasions before they become serious.

On top of developing excellent products that are botanical-based and PH-balanced,  John Paul Pet is determined to help one million pets find a safe and happy home. They are reaching this goal helping ANY group - large or small - host adoption events focused on placing shelter pets into a loving home.

John Paul Pet has helped these pets find homes through three primary methods:

1) Pet Industry Retailer: Supporting retail organizations (such as Petco) by donating products and hosting adoption events within the store. When a consumer actually adopts a pet from a store such as Petco, there is a 72% chance the consumer will come back and be loyalty to that store. These type of events help both the retailer AND the happy pets.

2) Local Shelter: John Paul Pet works with local shelters to provide products, clean pets, and host adoption events. Shelters rely on local events to increase adoption rates.

3) Adoption Event: John Paul Pet has dedicated adoption event coordinator who helps promote and create adoption events. These types of events are perfect for organizations, such as The Boy Scouts, that want to sponsor an adoption event as part of their philanthropic efforts.

As of early August 2014, John Paul Pet has helped rescue nearly 14,600 dogs through 17 events and 6 partners. But the giving back doesn't stop there. In spirit of the company's mission and one million pets project, John Paul Pet recently announced its support of Dogs on Deployment.

Founded by a military husband and wife in 2011, Dogs on Deployment is a nationwide awareness campaign uniting pets of deployed military personnel with civilian boarder families. No pet should ever be surrendered to a shelter due to a military commitment.

By taking advantage of the Dogs on Deployment program, military members can maintain a peace of mind concerning their pets health and well-being during service commitments. The Dogs on Deployment program is already seeing incredible results.

As of May 2014, Dogs on Deployment has placed nearly 500 pets in need and provided almost $15,000  financial aid to military and veterans for help with their pets' care.

Everyone (including you) can help John Paul Pet save one million pets.

Not sure where to start? Think of doing one (or all) of the following:

  • Adopt a pet from a local shelter
  • Volunteer to help at a John Paul Pet adoption event
  • Share pictures and stories about pet adoptions via social media
  • Rescue a pet from the street (even if it's just for a short while) so that animal doesn't end up in a shelter
  • Spread awareness by sharing stories and statistics about the importance of pet adoption
  • Foster a military members' pet while they are deployed

Be the change you want to see in the world. You CAN make a difference alongside John Paul Pet's One Million Pet campaign and Dogs on Deployment.

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