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Keep Your Sexy While Keeping Your Hairdo

You've put so much effort into your date night hair, but how do you keep your sexy hairstyle intact overnight without killing the romance? With these 4 easy tips, you'll wake up looking as gorgeous as you were the night before.

179666535Keep Your Sexy While Keeping Your Hairdo

Break out the silk: Every sleeping beauty should have silk pillowcases. You’ll immediately notice yourself spending less time dealing with morning bed head. Unlike cotton, silk pillowcases have a smooth texture that minimizes friction and helps hair retain moisture.

Keep Your Sexy While Keeping Your Hairdo

Keep hair conditioned: Conditioned hair is protected hair, so keep moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, oil treatments and hair masks in your maintenance arsenal.  Hair that’s properly moisturized is less prone to frizz, more elastic and can be manipulated to bounce back to its optimal appearance faster in the a.m.

Keep Your Sexy While Keeping Your Hairdo

Detangle your stands:Take a few minutes to gently detangle your hair before you turn in for the night. It can mean the difference between waking up to a manageable head of hair or tackling a matted bird’s nest.

Keep Your Sexy While Keeping Your Hairdo

Braid it, bun it or tie it up: Wearing a loose braid or bun is a pretty way to protect hair from tangling overnight. The bonus to this approach is waking up to easy waves once the braid is undone in the morning. If you prefer to break out the scarf to secure your strands at night, make sure it's a cute one! Be sure to check out a few chic ways to tie one on.

These simple yet effective hair prep options can be adopted into any bedtime routine. What methods do you use to keep your 'do together overnight?

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