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Knot So Good: Why We Love the Bantu Knots and Twist Outs

Ever feel like you see so many hairstyles on the Internet and in magazines you read, but find yourself saying : I wish my hair was like hers so I could pull that off?

Enter the Bantu knot. As a transitioning hair-lista (Yes, I made that up! I'm growing out all my relaxed hair), I have been trying to find that perfect naturally curly look Every method seemed too burdensome! Then I discovered the Bantu knot, which delivers effortless beauty. Here are three reasons why we love them for all hair types.


Knot So Good: Why We Love the Bantu Knot for all Hair Textures

1) The Method: Do you ever just twirl and twirl and twirl...and twirl your hair? Well if you have done that, you will be great at perfecting this style. As you twist the curls, they sit on top of each other and look a little like stacked tires. The Bantu knot can be styled on wet, damp, or dry hair. Relaxed, natural or transitioning hair. Blonde brown/black or red hair!

My hairdresser did my knot-out with my hair being dry. Stylist Brian Stockton says: "The Bantu-knot is great for giving your hair a break from the flat iron. The method is simple. I love doing it to all my clients no matter if they have dead straight or extremely curly hair."

2) The look: The Bantu knot can be worn in for a more ethnic look or be taken out for softer natural curls. Curls look more defined and smoother than with other knot styles. For incredibly smooth curls, stylist Brian Stockton used AG Hair The Oil. Other product picks? Try washing with Sebastian Drench Shampoo. It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product is an amazing product to help condition and detangle.

3) The length: I'm not talking shoulder or chin length. A lot of twist sets or knot-outs only last for a couple days, ending with frizz and tangle a look not to be desired If you leave them in for a more ethnic look, they can last for several days and even up to two weeks. By then it is time to wash and cleanse your hair. At night use a satin pillow case. It's cheaper and easier than wrapping it with a scarf in my opinion. Simply pin up the curls on top of your head and rest will wake up with a head full of naturally soft beautiful curls.

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