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Crazy/Beautiful – A Deeper Look at the Lives of Hairstylists

We love hair. In fact, we love everything about hair. We love discovering the hottest trends, seeing what styles our favorite celebrities are rocking, and sharing expert advice on everything from the easiest how-to’s to the best products for each hair type.

Crazy/Beautiful – A Deeper Look at the Lives of Hairstylists

But above all else, we love stylists. We love them because they are the foundation to this industry. They are the ones figuring out what cut is best for curls, what color will keep our locks healthy, and what products give the best results. Because we know how vital stylists are to keeping this industry thriving, we decided to create the Hair Mafia.

The Hair Mafia is a platform to unite stylists in an open forum where the focus is all hair all the time. The ultimate goal is to make change where change is needed by creating an avenue to discuss what works and what doesn’t. So as a way to strengthen the voice of the hair industry's greatest assets, we are beginning a new blog series in conjunction with Hair Mafia.

This series will reflect the crazy and busy lives of stylists, but also focus on the beauty of their creativity (hence the title Crazy/Beautiful). We want the nitty gritty from stylists. Why did they chose this career? What keeps them here? What has the journey been like? And what's next for them.

Follow along as we feature some of the best in the biz and some exciting new stylists to watch.

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