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Natural Hair How To: 5 Ways to Make Twist Outs Last

Twist outs are a go-to style for many naturals who want a more defined look for their hair. We’ve shown you how to DIY it, now here’s your cheat sheet with 5 easy ways to make a twist out last.


1. Start out with smaller twists: Working with smaller sections of hair from the outset will give your twist outs more definition. Smaller twists tend to keep their shape longer than larger ones.

2. Let them dry: Don’t touch your flat twists or two strand twists until they are completely dry! Otherwise, you’ll disrupt the pattern and end up with a frizz out instead of a twist out. Once dry, untwist and separate with a serum on your fingertips to finish.


3. Refresh as needed: If your twist out starts to look dry after a few days refreshing your hair is easy.  Spritz sections of your mane with water, apply a dab of curl pudding or gel, retwist and let dry overnight.  Your style will be as good as new.


4. Retwist at night: Before you hit the sack retwist your hair. The twists don’t need to be exact, you just want the twist out to keep its shape. In the a.m. simply untwist, fluff (if desired) and go.


5. Protect your hair while you sleep: Cover your hair loosely or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase at night. Not only will this keep your strands from snagging and losing moisture, but it will help keep your twists in tact.


These 5 easy tips will help extend the life of your twist out for up to a week or more.


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