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Malibu C Color Care to the Rescue

As pioneers in wellness personal care, Malibu C features groundbreaking, 100% vegan, preservative-free hair treatments. But how do their products work on color-treated hair? Our blogging beauties put Malibu C to the test on their color-treated locks. Read on to see what they thought.



Malibu C Review - Rachel

Hair type: Thick & Highlighted

Biggest hair gripe: My biggest complaint about my hair is the frizz I sometimes get when it air dries. I also have some damage/split ends I can't ever seem to get rid of.

Rachel's experience: I love the Leave-In Mist Conditioner SO MUCH! I think it is one of the best leave-ins I've tried. The spray mist made it easy to distribute through my long hair.

The Blonde Wellness Kit was also a hit for me. The shampoo and conditioner along with the incredible Malibu Blonde Treatment gave my highlights a bit of needed rejuvenating. My hair is naturally lightened, so the wellness treatment really helped bring out those natural tones that had begun to dull.

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? For sure. Malibu C color-treatment products are very restorative - the first products you should try if your hair needs a re-boost.


Hair type: Color treated, damaged, dandruff, dry, thick, highlighted, naturally blonde

Biggest hair gripe: Product build-up, dryness, split ends, color fade, heat styling damage.

Melanie's experience: I love every Malibu C product I tried. They have all done wonders for me, especially as a follow up to Malibu MakeOver (Malibu Hard Water Treatment + Miracle Repair). Malibu C Blonde Wellness shampoo and conditioner are my go-to products now. I use them twice weekly (which is every time I shampoo and condition). I use the conditioning mist to follow up. Once per week, I use the Miracle Repair. And I LOVE them all!

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? Yes! I have been using the Blonde Wellness Kit and I absolutely love it. To supplement my Kit, I use the Miracle Repair and the Conditioning Mist in tandem with it. While I think Malibu C is for everyone, the Malibu MakeOver is a MUST before a color treatment and the best way to remove product build up. I loved my treatment and look forward to getting another one, as well as continuing to use Malibu C, in the future. It's the best line of products I have tried in a long time.



Hair type: Color treated, curly, dry, frizzy, highlighted

Biggest hair gripe: Frizz

Kristina's experience: I like the Miracle Repair because my hair can get all the help it can get! My hair seemed to be healthier after just one use. And it was SO easy to use right after shampooing. I also like the Hard Water treatment because it definitely removes any and all residue, and makes a huge difference.

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? Absolutely! Malibu C products are awesome for all hair types. The Hard Water Wellness Kit and  Miracle Repair both helped clear out product and mineral build-up, leaving my color-treated hair feeling softer, smoother and healthier over all.



Malibu C Review - Caitie

Hair type: Color treated, fine, thin

Biggest hair gripe: Color fading is currently my biggest complaint. I have my hair highlighted with three different colors of blonde and when I do color my hair, I spend a good amount of money on it. So I am always making sure I am protecting it so that my hair won't fade quickly.

Caitie's experience: My favorite product of the wellness treatment was the Crystallized Wellness Treatment. I could tell after just one use that my hair looked shiner and brighter after blow drying. It really revamped my color which is something that I am always looking for in a product.

With just one little sniff of the shampoo and conditioner, I could tell that this product was going to make my hair feel completely clean. And it did.

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? Definitely. I am always worried about my blonde hair breaking off or becoming horribly dry and I feel like the Miracle Repair truly nourished my hair after just one use. On the days where I just wash my hair and let it air dry, this product would be perfect for keeping my hair look moisturized.

In addition, I would recommend the Malibu C Blondes Wellness Kit to all my blonde color treated friends and family. Malibu C products are a great way to keep color looking fresh as well as keeping hair from becoming damaged from the hard water element and the harsh coloring that blondes go through. It is a must-have for blondes!



Hair type: Color treated, curly, fine, thin/thinning, swimmer's hair

Biggest hair gripe: At the moment, I'm spending my summer days battling frizzy hair from the summer heat and rainy days. Finding a hairstyle that won't fall flat or frizz up throughout the day is becoming a big challenge. I'm also trying to maintain my hair health and color while being an active swimmer and in the summer sun. So I look for products to help with frizz control, shine, color protection, and heat protection.

Ashley's experience: How can I pick just one favorite? I've loved EVERYTHING that I've tried from Malibu C. However, I really love the Color Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner. First of all, both products smell incredible - with hints of mango. The texture of the products does NOT weigh down my hair, which is a huge plus because I really fine and thin hair.

I couldn't get over how my hair felt after using Miracle Repair - my strands felt much stronger and less damaged. Overall, my hair felt more refreshed after using the Miracle Repair treatment.

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? Absolutely! Malibu C products aren't just for swimmers - they have products designed for every hair type and issue in mind, from color protection to scalp healing to hair health repairing. The products available from Malibu C are fantastic for people who prefer a brand that is committed to providing your hair with the safest and best ingredients as well. I love that they are 100% vegan and free from gluten, sulfates, parabens, and propylene glycol! These products are safe for children too, so that makes this mama very happy.



Hair type: Color treated, curly, frizzy, swimmer's hair

Biggest hair gripe: Frizziness throughout all seasons and sometimes dry scalp in the winter and end of summer because of the change in seasons.

Megan's experience: My favorite product I tried was Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner. That stuff is amazing! I absolutely noticed right away how much moisture it added to my hair following a few swims in the pool. I used this after running outside as well. It really locks in moisture into my curly hair. Absolutely love it!

Overall, I had a great experience with Malibu C. After even using the products a few times, you can totally tell the products are made with natural ingredients which is amazing! I love that these products are all about wellness and care for your hair and skin.

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? Yep! The line works well with curly and color treated hair so it's perfect for people like me. I would highly recommend this brand to friends, especially those with color-treated or damaged hair, those who do outdoor activities or spend a lot of time outside!



Malibu C Review - Hannah

Hair type: Color treated, damaged, dry, fine, thin, naturally blonde

Biggest hair gripe: The fineness of my hair makes it easy for product (or hard water damage) to build up easily, which makes it look/feel oily and gross after just washing it if all the shampoo/conditioner aren't all completely out. It also gets super static-y in winter.

Hannah's experience: I love every single Malibu C product I tried! The Color Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect consistency for my hair. They make it feel clean without stripping hair of essential oils, add smoothness and shine, boost color and don't add any extra weight. The daily leave-in mist helped detangle hair after washing while cutting down drying time. I also did a Malibu Makeover once a week, and my hair has seriously never felt so amazing.

Bonus? These products smell AH-MAZING.

Would you recommend Malibu C products to others with color-treated hair? Oh my goodness yes. Malibu C color products are formulated to keep color-treated hair fresh, lengthen the life of color between salon visits, and prep hair for next treatments. This brand is a must-have for anyone with color-treated hair!


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