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Managing Curly Hair in Dry Climates

Recently I was chatting with a friend that lives in Denver about her hair care challenges. Her biggest challenge? Dry hair.

Managing curly hair in any environment can be a difficult, but especially in dry climates. After doing a little research about how curly reacts in different climates, here are my top tips for managing curly hair in dry climates.




Conditioning treatments are a necessity: Your curly hair naturally craves moisture and in drier climates - it's so easy for the moisture to be quickly removed from your hair. It's vital that you have a deep conditioner integrated into your haircare routine to keep your curls looking healthy. I recommend using DevaCurl Heaven in Hair -- it's incredibly moisturizing!


DevaCurl Heaven in Hair


Humidifiers are your best friend: Not only are humidifiers known to improve your health to soothe cold-like symptoms, but they will help restore humidity into your hair. While most of us curl haired girls would appreciate less humidity, a humidifier will really help restore moisture back into your curly locks in drier weather.


Oil-based products work wonders:  Keeping your styling products sealed into your hair with an oil-based product will help prevent your hair from drying out. Argan oil-based products or even natural oils like coconut oils are great for keeping your curly hair moisturized and shiny.




Slow down on the shampoo:  Be careful about how often you are shampooing your hair in dry climates. Shampoos (especially those that lather) will dry out your curly hair very quickly, so try to only shampoo your curly hair a few times a week.


Volumize your curly hair: When curly hair dries out, it can tend to get flat and lose the natural bounciness to the curl. By adding volume to your curly hair in the styling process, you can add dimension to your hair - without frizziness.



Do you live in a dry climate? How do you manage curly hair?

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Image Credit: We Love Curls | FirstDecents

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