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Managing the Mess: Styling Thick Hair When You're Running Late

styling thick hair in a hurry

I have been known for three different looks. Each of these looks, was tailored specifically to fit my hair knowledge (or lack there of) and my morning routine. The first, seen below, is the slicked back ponytail (worn until about 7th grade). The second is the white girl afro (until about my freshman year of highschool) and praise the hair Gods for the third-  which is when I began learning how to use hair tools.

Hair Story

I would blame my lack of style in the first two images to a misunderstanding of my hair. In fact, I would blame every woman's bad hairstyle to a misunderstanding of her hair. If we aren't aware of our hair texture, dry time, and style times - how can we expect to come up with a style ideal for late mornings?

Just like our bodies, our hair comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether thick or thin, it is difficult to pinpoint a particular style that will look amazing on everyone simply due to the high variance in thick hair textures. So, I am going to guide you along in a hair journey of sorts. It is going to take a few tries before you are able to find "The Style" for when you are running late- but I promise- you have one...and it isn't a slicked back ponytail or a poofy bird's nest.

I have provided how-to's for my personal favorite quick styles, the products to go with them, and a few tools you need invest in.

Easiest Styles

Braided Top Knot

Option #1: The Top Knot

Why should the top knot be one of your go-to styles? Because it looks 100 times better on girls with thick hair (not to mention it is super easy to do).

To create this look: Flip your hair over and secure in a pony tail with a clear elastic (leave one piece out). Wrap your hair around the base of the elastic. Now, for my personal touch- braid the piece of hair your left out and weave it through (or wrap it around) the bun.

Beachy Waves

Option #2: Beachy Waves

This look is best created through one of two methods (or the combination of). If your hair is naturally wavy- use a beachy wave spray like Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay Texturizing. If it is naturally straight- you're best bet is going to be a Wand Curling Iron. This might sound like it will be timely but, keep in my you are making loose beachy waves. So, you can use larger sections of hair- reducing style time.

Side BraidOption #3: The Side Braid

Probably the easiest and quickest of the three looks, the side braid is a major hair gem. This style is best if you are running REALLY late. You can perform a light blow dry, straighten or curl your bangs and then place in a side braid. No hassle, less than 5 minutes to style.

In order to find your perfect style, I recommend journeying through the top three styles until you find the one that best suits you.

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