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Managing Your Curls in the Humidity

Summer is fabulous for countless reasons: pool days, barbeques, an excuse for a new wardrobe, and so on. One thing that is not so fabulous? HUMIDITY. Hot, humid weather can do a number on your hair, especially if your hair is naturally curly or wavy. Here are some tips for managing your curls in the humidity.

Get your best cut - Having the right cut for your hair type does wonders!

Condition, condition, condition - To avoid looking like a frizzy mess, make a moisturizing conditioner your new best friend. Kevin Mancuso, creative director of Nexxus Salon, suggests using a moisturizing conditioner when showering. All the moisture will help soften the curls, allowing hair to be more flexible. "It's what you start with that's going to set you up for a successful style," says Mancuso. Try Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner to get soft and healthy curls like AnneLynne McCord.

AnnaLynne McCord Natural CurlsProduct to the rescue! - Look for products that have super hydrating ingredients, like olive or coconut oil. "When you hydrate the hair, it adds weight. Weight defines curls and makes it easier to manipulate them, while preventing them from exploding into frizz," says Mancuso. Apply product while your hair is still damp and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly. We suggest Paul Mitchell Curl Twist Around to condition and tame curls.

Must-have tools - To speed up your blow drying process, first use your dryer without any attachments on your roots, then blow dry your ends using a diffuser. Give your curls and waves some extra oomph with a curling rod like BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium. This super tool will give you a style like curly queen bee Taylor Swift. Who doesn't want that?!

When all else fails, updo - We know that most gals long for beachy, flowing waves while sipping cocktails poolside, but sometimes hair just won't cooperate. Don't let that get you down! Updos and ponies are a always a stylish option, so grab some bobby pins and save those waves for another day!

Are you a curly girl with helpful hair tips? Let us know! We love hearing from our readers as much as stylists love getting reviews. Leave some love for your stylist today at Loxa Beauty!

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