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Mansome: How to Update the Traditional Crew Cut

Thanks to hair role models like Justin Timberlake, Jon Hamm, and Ryan Gosling, men have a lot more flexibility with their styles than they used to.

With more style options comes more product options. With pastes, waxes, pomades, gels, and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even totally confused. AG Hair breaks down five cutting edge styles for men and explains which products you’ll need to recreate the look.

AG Hair Men Short and Shaggy

A little shag, but still short: If you need a shorter style (perhaps for work or school), but still want to have fun with it, this style is perfect for you. Get the look by adding a quarter-size amount of Infrastructure to your palms and rubbing together. Work through the ends of dry hair. Infrastructure is a structurizing pomade and ideal for longer hair. It creates a long-lasting hold that’s still moveable and able to be restyled.

AG Hair Men Short on the sides and textured through the top

The short + textured combo: Styles that are short on the sides and longer on the top are another great option for guys who want something shorter but still want flexibility to create different styles. To recreate this style, use a dime-size amount of Welding Paste and work through damp hair. Style and let air dry. If your style needs to be refreshed throughout the day, simply wet your hands and work through your hair to reshape.

AG Hair Men Long and Shaggy

Waves for days: Curly haired guys will love Details defining cream specifically created for curls. Details adds texture and soft hold, making it the perfect pick for longer longs that need to be tamed. To style, apply a quarter-size amount to damp hair. Work through hair using your fingers and allow it to air dry.

AG Hair Men Defined part with a firm, shiny hold

Polished Part: A modern day Don Draper, are we? A gel-based product is ideal for defining your part. Work a quarter-size of Styling Jel through damp hair. Use a fine-tooth comb to define and set your part.

AG Hair Men Short and sleek

Stay short: While this short style may seem more traditional, it’s far from basic. Use Hard Jel to create a modern and defined style. Work a quarter-sized amount through hair with your fingers. Use a comb to define and set the style.

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