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Men's Hair Tutorial | Wild Side to Totally Tame



For guys with hair on the wavy and curly side, the options are truly endless. These two totally different styles are the perfect place to start.


What you’ll need to get the look:

INDIE Hair #mixitsoft polish
INDIE Hair #mixitstrong gel
INDIE Hair #wreckit putty → clay
INDIE Hair #superfirm hairspray


Let’s do it!

To play up the natural texture of your hair, begin by mixing INDIE Hair #mixitsoft polish and INDIE Hair #mixitstrong gel into palms and applying to damp hair. As hair air dries, scrunch it toward the scalp to play up the curl. Once dry, apply INDIE Hair #wreckit putty → clay to really define the curl.

For the slick style, reach for the INDIE Hair #mixitstrong gel. Apply the gel to damp hair and use your hands or a comb to smooth out. Let hair air dry. Once dry, apply INDIE Hair #wreckit putty → clay and INDIE Hair #superfirm hairspray to lock in the look.

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