Taming Your Morning Hair Madness

You open your eyes to a beam of light protruding through your 1000-thread count curtains. Arms stretching, you take in the beauty of this day until... it hits you. Last time you checked, the sun wasn't up at 6 in the morning. That means...uh oh. You're running late, very late, and while your work bag is packed and your outfit picked out, your hair is - well let's put it this way - you make Medusa look like a Greek goddess instead of a Greek monster.

Taming Morning Hair

The panic begins to set in, you have a business meeting with a potential client, then a date with a potential husband right after. This day couldn't be a bigger joke.

Now, the story could go two ways- you could plop on the floor and cry over the loss of your work and social life (dramatic, but welcome to womanhood) or you could keep reading this blog and know all the tips and tricks to making second day hair look the same, if not better than day one.

First, let's talk preventative measures. If you are one of those girls who knows you wake up with a nightmare on your head each morning: pay close attention to this section. These tips will save you a lot of detangling and frustration in the morning!

The Silk Pillowcase

Taming Your Morning Hair Madness

The silk pillowcase has been proven by women all over the world to be a beauty necessity. Not only will it be more delicate on skin, but also, due to silk being woven closer together than traditional cotton pillow cases, it will allow hair to glide over the pillow case rather than getting trapped in the fibers, resulting in less knotty, smoother hair in the morning.

The Hair Wrap

Taming Your Morning Hair Madness

We know what you're thinking. Is wrapping really necessary? Wrapping your hair will retain wanted moisture, eliminate lumps from tossing and turning during the night, and help prevent excess oil from forming in hair. To wrap hair simply part hair in its usual location, brush hair down and around the front of your head, continue around ear and the nape of the neck until all hair is lying flat. Cover the hair with a silk or satin scarf and you're finished!

Now, let's say you did all that and you still wake up with untamed tresses. We have come up with a fool proof (and tested) method for both curly and straight hair and an extra tip for days when hair is oily!

Taming Your Morning Hair Madness

Oily Hair (Straight or Curly)

Dry Shampoo is a quick and easy fix to oily hair in the morning. Simply spray roots of hair and brush out. If hair still appears greasy, spray another light layer and tease hair mildly. Note: Curly hair should take advantage of a mousse version of dry shampoo rather than spray. This way you don't have to brush through curls!

We recommend: TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo

Tame Curly Hair

Step 1: Wet hair with water (do this by hand so not to drench hair)

Step 2: Braid hair in two braids

Step 3: Blow dry braids on low heat

Step 4: Take braids out and tussle hair. Apply hairspray.

We recommend: Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity

Step 5: Apply Hair Serum or lotion (body lotion works) to add shine.

We recommend: Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist

Tame Straight Hair

Step 1: Brush hair and apply heat. This could involve straightening or curling the hair.

Step 2: Tease areas of hair that appear flat or oily.

Step 3: Apply hairspray.

We recommend: Kenra Volume Spray 25

What tips and tricks do you have to tame your morning hair madness?

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