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The Natural Girl's Guide to AG Hair

Our blogging team has been putting AG Hair products to the test. After trying out their colour care productsBeach Bomb Tousled Texture Spray, The Oil and AG Hair's Volume line, we're now looking at AG Hair from the perspective of our lovely natural-haired bloggers. Here are their thoughts on AG Hair products for natural hair!


The Natural Girl's Guide to AG Hair


Hair type + texture: My hair is naturally very thick and curly. With adequate moisture, my hair curls pretty easily.

Favorite way to style: I generally wear my hair down in a curly style or in a bun. If I'm getting dressed up, I like to jazz it up. If I wear my hair curly, it's usually with major volume and definition.

Biggest hair gripe: Detangling my curls and finding products that improve my hair's moisture level.

Products Samantha tried:

Results: Recoil Curl Activator, Keratin Repair Reconstruct Intensive Anti-Breakage Mask, The Oil

Recoil Curl Activator: Curl creams are essential when it comes to dry, color-treated hair. Recoil Curl Activator defined my curls without making them feel "crunchy," which can be hard to find in a curl-enhancing product.

Keratin Repair Reconstruct Intensive Anti-Breakage Mask: I really enjoyed Keratin Repair! My hair always needs a repairing product because my hair loses moisture so easily - and because my hair is colored. I immediately felt a difference in softness and manageability after using AG Hair Keratin Repair!

The Oil: I loved the texture of The Oil. I'm a huge fan of using oil on my curls because it leaves such a nice shine and really helps with moisture. AG Hair The Oil went even further, helping to detangle my hair and leaving me with smooth, shiny curls.



Hair type + texture: I have tightly wound curls that are very fine, but I have a lot of them!

Favorite way to style: I generally wear my hair back in a ponytail or do some kind of braided style.

Biggest hair gripe: After using a styling product, my hair tends to tangle as it starts to dry and the product settles in. When my hair is wet, it's easy to comb through, but once dry, my curls become unmanageable.

Products Lauren tried: Fast Food Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner, Conditioning Mist DetanglerKeratin Repair Reconstruct Intensive Anti-Breakage Mask


Fast Food Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Fast Food Sulfate-Free Shampoo was one of my favorite products. This shampoo seemed to make my wet, tangled hair much more manageable while I worked it through it in the shower - and it smelled great!

Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner: I really enjoyed Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner. This product is super lightweight, so it helped smooth and detangle my curls without weighing them down. The smell was great as well, which made the product nice to use.

Conditioning Mist Detangler: I confess, I used a ton of the Conditioning Mist Detangler! I used this product to detangle my thick curls right after the shower as well as at night when twisting my hair up. After a day of wearing my hair in a wash-and-go style, this detangler really helped get out the knots, which isn't an easy feat.

Keratin Repair Reconstruct Intensive Anti-Breakage Mask: Keratin Repair Anti-Breakage Mask was my absolute favorite AG Hair product. The mask made my hair feel like silk, and my tangles fell out the instant I put it on my damp hair. This product will definitely become a staple in my hair routine - I can't get enough of how the mask makes my hair feel!



Hair type + texture: My hair is thick with afro-textured curls. My hair curls beautifully, but it doesn’t stay straight for very long. My hair also tends to get dry and rather brittle, so sometimes my curls turn frizzy and feel harsh against my fingers, especially during the colder months. Overall, I’m always looking for products that give my locks more moisture and nourishment.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair down and play up my natural curls. When I wake up and unwrap my hair, my curls are usually pretty unruly. I use water, a dollop of gel, and a diffuser to “mold” my hair back into place. If I'm feeling fancy, I wear my hair up in a bun, or down and straight. Because my hair doesn’t stay straight for that long, I usually opt for a low or high bun, depending on my outfit.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair gets extremely tangled throughout the day, especially in the colder months. Sometimes I’ll have to excuse myself and reapply gel mid-day just to keep my curls from looking too crazy as the day progresses!

Products Martha tried: Infrastructure Structurizing Pomade, The Oil, Thikk Wash & Rinse


Infrastructure Structurizing Pomade: I don’t usually feel the need to use a pomade because of my styling preferences, but I did enjoy using AG Hair Infrastructure Pomade. This pomade worked especially well for updos. I used it specifically to hold the back of my hair up when I combed it into a bun for a formal event, and I wasn't disappointed. My hair is very hard to keep straight and smooth, and I didn’t have to use a ton of this product to keep the hair at the nape of my neck smooth. (This is often a problem area for me as this is where my hair is the most curly). I'm happy to say I have a product I can keep in my back pocket to use on high-hold styles.

The Oil: After just the first use, The Oil made my hair extremely shiny and helped repair my damaged ends. The effect from The Oil lasts all day, and even into the next day. The Oil is just what my dry, frizzy locks needed!

Thikk Wash & Rinse: I loved the light texture of Thikk Wash shampoo because it didn’t overwhelm my hair with foam and suds. It left my hair clean with lots of body.

What I enjoyed most about Thikk Rinse conditioner was how soft my curls were after I finished using it. And the smell was incredible!


Have you tried AG Hair? Did you LOVE it as much as we did? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


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