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Natural Hair DIY : The Coiling Method

Want perfect curls? And volume? And movement?

Learn how to revamp your curl pattern into fresh, bouncy ringlets, with this coiling method tutorial!


the coiling method tutorial samantha harris

For best results, start with freshly washed / co-washed (washed with conditioner) hair. I co-washed my hair with Bain de Terre's Argan Oil Sleek and Smooth Conditioner. I finger-detangled while conditioning, to smooth my hair in preparation for the coiling. Next, I added a handful of Wella's Enrich Moisturizing Conditioner for Coarse Hair to my hair.

For this style, I prefer to leave in both conditioners. It might feel like you have a lot of product in your hair, but it really helps the definition of the coils. After I showered, I wrapped my curls in an old t-shirt to avoid frizz.


four sections samantha harris tutorial 1. Divide your hair into four sections.


  2.  Take down one of the sections in the back.

small section

3. Part a smaller section from this one, and pin the rest up.


the coiling method samantha harris tutorial

4. Grab a small piece of hair from this section to coil. Take your pointer finger and wrap it around the base of the hair. Then, in a twisting motion, coil the hair from the top to the bottom.

Complete the back sections and then the front. After all four sections are complete,  I massaged a quarter-sized amount of Bain de Terre's Recovery Complex Anti-frizz Shine Serum all over. Next, on a cool or warm low setting, blow dry your hair.


Here are my results!

the coiling method tutorial samantha harris


I finished this style by massaging a little extra shine serum all over.

I am such a huge fan of the coiling method! This style, especially when protected overnight, can last up to 7 or 8 days! My suggestion is to put your hair into a high, loose ponytail (pineapple method) and cover it in a satin bonnet. Refresh your hair each day with a spray bottle filled water and leave-in conditioner, and touch up your ends every other day with a little organic oil of your choice!

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