Natural Hair How-To : 3 Vintage Styles For Fall

Fall is on its way! Leaves changing, cooler weather, fancy scarves and boots, cinnamon-spiced everything-- the list is endless!

Season changes are a good excuse to switch up your style. Try out one of these vintage styles for Fall!

The "Shug Avery"

vintage natural hair

shug avery

1. Tie your hair up into a pony tail and roll your hair into a bang and pin.
2. Take your ponytail down and part into two halves. Leave one half down.
3. Starting on one side, twist your hair from the side to the back.
4. Secure hair with a hair pin.
5. Repeat with the other side.

If your hair is long, tightly tuck in any extra ends and secure with more hair pins.

The "Billie Holiday"

natural hair bun

all that jazz

1. Part a section in front for a bang and use a hair tie to secure the back in a low, side ponytail.
2. Roll and pin your bang (a little off to the side).
3. Unravel your back ponytail.
4. Roll into a side bun and secure with a hair pin.
5. Hey now!


The "Pin Up Girl"

pin up hair

pin up girl1. Put your hair up into a ponytail and leave out a little hair in front for a bang. Roll your hair into a plump bang and secure with a hair pin.
2. Lower your ponytail, leaving the hair out (For shorter hair don't be discouraged, a puff would be really cute!)
3. Use a medium-sized hair scarf and tie into a bow.
4. All done!

Think you'll be trying any of these styles?! We'd love to see what you've got! Tweet us your pictures @loxabeauty on Twitter!

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