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Natural Hair Muse: Tracee Ellis Ross

Ask any natural curly haired girl who her celebrity hair muse are and the name Tracee Ellis Ross is bound to top the list. The actress and daughter of Diana Ross has a full, covet-worthy mane that has become a symbol for natural curl power. Tracee’s many hairstyles demonstrate the versatility of curly hair and the fact that girls with natural curls do indeed rock! These stunning looks from the natural beauty are so worth emulating at home.


Natural curls: Lustrous face framing ringlets are a Tracee Ellis Ross trademark. When it comes to her natural hair the style star subscribes to the bigger is better school of thought. You’ve gotta love a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out in the pin-straight hair crowd.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Blown out curls and color:  Tracee plays with her natural hair texture, switching from tight coils to breezy blown out curls like a pro. The result is sexy hair full of shine, volume and bounce. Tracee gets bonus points for taking a saucy red hair color for a test drive.

tracee ellis ross

Unconventional Updo: Instead of fighting to tame curls into submission, Tracee uses frizz and unruliness to her advantage for a modern take on the traditional updo. The feel is slightly unkempt yet totally glamorous. Hello holiday, red carpet and siren hair!

 Tracee Ellis Ross

Braided: When her natural hair isn’t in a glorious pile of curls, Tracee’s coif is often artfully worked into milkmaid style french braids. Her protective braid style is easy to execute, looks chic for any occasion and offers a cool alternative to ponytails and buns.

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