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Natural Therapy Vacation Destinations

When we typically think of a “vacation” the first picture to enter our minds usually includes the cliché scene of a beautiful sandy beach with the calm and subtle splashes of an ocean meeting a shoreline.  Though this can be a perfectly wonderful vacation, the world has so much more to offer!

Our Earth, the little planet we call home, has a plethora of natural restorative minerals and resources hidden all over in quiet, serene places.  The therapeutic and curative nature of these areas not only provide a much needed mental break, but allow the body to experience the natural healing powers it has been craving.  Various locations offer different healing goals.  Vacationing to one of the following destinations may be just what your body needs!


The Dead Sea:  Healing Waters & Mud

Dead Sea

The waters and mud of the Dead Sea contain a very high mineral and salt content which have been used for various skin disease treatments, from simple acne to more serious medical skin conditions.  Psoriasis is among the many that has shown significant improvement through exposure to not only these two elements, but also the atmosphere of this area in general.  Much health research is being conducted on the Dead Sea to determine the incredible medicinal benefits of this area.  If you do not have the funds to travel all the way to the Dead Sea to grab these resources for yourself, not to worry.  Dead Sea mineral mud masks and other products can be easily bought from skincare lines such as Delúvia (one of my personal favorites).


Alicante, Spain:  Yoga Breaks in Spain

Yoga Breaks in Spain

Dubbed one of the top 10 yoga retreats in the world by Fox News and featured in Elle magazine, Yoga Breaks in Spain is an intimate yoga retreat for beginners and intermediates.  Only allowing up to 12 guests per “Yoga Holiday,” the setting is peaceful and yoga sessions are never crowded.  Twice daily guided yoga sessions, four-course vegetarian dinners, unlimited Yogi Teas, and various optional activities are offered to accommodate guests.  Return from your “Yoga Holiday” feeling uplifted and rejuvenated!


Ireland:  Clare Island Yoga Retreat Center

Clare Island Retreat Center in Ireland

Also an acclaimed top 10 yoga retreat, just off the west coast of Ireland, Clare Island Retreat Center rests on 240 acres of tranquil land.  A more structured itinerary is followed at this destination, as Yoga and Meditation Retreats are geared toward more serious students who are interested in improving their current yoga practices.  A strict vegetarian diet with great attention to food quality is served while attending.  Return from this vacation with the ability to incorporate yoga into your everyday practice to keep the rejuvenation feeling alive long after you depart the beautiful Ireland.


Japan:  Kusatsu Hot Spring (Yubatake)

Kusatsu Onsen healing waters in Japan

Kusatsu, located in Japan, is a hot spring resort which is famous for the strong acidity of its water.  With a pH of 2.1 the water has very strong antibacterial qualities.  Many also head to these natural hot springs to relieve conditions such as muscle pain and hypertension.  During your time outside of the healing hot springs, enjoy the sites of Japan and the tranquil atmosphere of the resort itself in addition to massages and other pampering.


Australia:  Kununurra Waters

Kununurra water in Australia

While filming the movie “Australia” Nicole Kidman and many other female cast members became pregnant with a common theme being their bathing in the Kununurra waters.  Sitting on ancient lands, they began hailing them as fertility waters.  Though further research needs to be done to support this claim, many women have attested to the waters' power.  Besides taking a dive into the Kununurra waters to boost your fertility levels, this destination draws many wildlife enthusiasts – offering fishing and canoeing tours as well!


Get-aways containing amenities such as natural healing waters and tranquil yoga sessions can be found world-wide.  Give your entire being the chance to recuperate while experiencing the Earth and its natural resources in all of their amazing glory!  If you decide to go, make sure you don't let packing be the thing to stress you out!


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