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Pretty Neutral Nail Colors for Everyday Wear

Pretty Neutrals for Everyday Wear

Not all of us have the pleasure to stop working during summer, ending up with super hectic schedules with little time to swap out nail colors. Prolong the life of your nail polish while rocking these chic, office-approved, summer-appropriate neutral nail colors.


venique mood for shoes

Bring on the shimmer.

A little shimmer never hurt anybody! If you're looking for a fun way to stay business-oriented, try a polish with a little shimmer or sparkle to it. (Notice I said "little.")

Some of my favorite colors: Venique Skimming in my Skimmers, Venique Mood for Shoes, CND Night Glimmer


morgan taylor im charmed

Try a little blush.

If you wear a lot of blue and black pantsuits to work, blush tones may be a great way to boost your outfit. One of the reasons I love blush neutrals is because they work well with every skin tone - giving off a calm, cool and collected vibe at the bar or at the office.

Some of my favorite colors: Morgan Taylor I'm Charmed, Venique 9-to-5 Shoe, Morgan Taylor Coming Up Roses


venique chic slip-on

Wear 50 shades of gray.

Gray nails will never get old. Pair gray nail polish with your normal work outfit, add some sandals and a floppy hat - and you're spring beach ready.

Some of my favorite colors: Morgan Taylor Sweater Weather, Venique Chic Slip-On, Morgan Taylor Metaling Around

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