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Not Your Average Ponytail: 3 Twists On The Simple Pony

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is confident enough to show her bare neck. A recent study by CBS revealed that hairstyles affect how others perceive us, including what they believe is our opinion of our own-self. This meaning - drab, lifeless hair, leads others to believe we have a low opinion of ourselves, whether that is true or not.

I know, sometimes it seems more comfortable to have your hair down. It can almost feel like a security blanket sitting right there on your shoulders. However, I want to challenge you readers to take a chance on the ponytail... but not just your average ponytail. Below, I have researched and tested three completely easy, sexy twists on the normal tossed up ponytail. All of the looks can be completed in under ten minutes and are easy enough for the "hair challenged" woman!


The Mod High Pony

Christina Milian

How to get this look:
Simply flat iron hair so that it is stick straight. Gather hair in hands and place into a ponytail towards the top end of your head. Wrap with a hair tie. From the bottom section of the ponytail, grab about an inch section of hair to wrap around the base of the pony. Secure in place with a bobby pin. To add volume to hair, backcomb the upper sections on the ponytail and smooth over with a comb. Then, spray hair all over with Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray.

Style Tip:
Wear a bold earring with a simpler style like this!

Twists and Turns

Fun Pony Tails

How to get this look:
Section off a thicker area of hair from each side of your head. Place the remaining hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Take the hair left out and bring it towards the back of your head. Smooth out fly-a-ways and cross one section of the hair over the other. Pull the bottom section around the base of the ponytail and secure beneath with a bobby pin. Tuck the upper section of hair in between and beneath the wrap you just made around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. For added shine spray hair with Wella Mirror Polish Shine Serum.

Style Tip:
Curl the ends of your hair to create depth and uniqueness in the style. Also, leave a few strands out in the front on the face and curl.

Braided Pony

Not Your Average Pony

How to get this look:
First, take the front section of your hair, tease, and create your desired height of "poof". Secure in place with bobby pins. Next, take the side (or sides) of your hair and begin french braiding a 2 to 3 inch section of hair towards the back of your hair, all the way down to the ends. Secure with a rubber band. Now, life the remaining sections of the hair up and place into a ponytail. Secure with a hair tie. Take the braided hair from the ponytail and wrap around the base of the hair. Secure underneath hair with a bobby pin. For a classic, sleek look, leave hair straight. For a more fun look, curl hair in ponytail. Spray all over with Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity.

Do you have any ideas/tips for creating a unique ponytail? We want your input! Comment below and tell us what you think, or share it with us on Facebook!

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