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Not Your Mama's Hot Rollers

We've all seen it: old ladies wearing rollers, a robe, and slippers. Did you know that you can use this old school tool for a sexy, modern style? And better yet, you can use hot rollers to achieve an amazing look with minimal effort. Ladies, these are not your mama's hot rollers!

hot roller style using large rollers Sexy hair via hot rollers - who would have thought?!

First things first: decide what kind of curl you want. If you're looking for a volumized, just-blown-out look (um, who isn't?!), try the jumbo sized rollers. If you want a lot of curl, go for small to medium sized rollers.

You'll want to give your rollers at least 15 minutes to heat up, so plug them in before you hop in the shower. After you blow dry, wrap 1.5 to 2 inch sections of your hair in the rollers. While your curl is setting, carry on with your morning routine. Remove the rollers before you head out the door. Easy as that!

blake lively hot rollers We love Blake's bouncy, soft curls for any occasion!

To make your hot new style go the extra mile, add AG Hair Bigwigg to damp hair before blow drying. After you've removed your rollers, mist your 'do with a light hairspray, such as Oribe Soft Lacquer Spray. This product combination of volume and hold will give you major va-va-voom.

Grab some hot rollers and give this style a go! Think you'll try it?

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