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Party Girl Hair: Styles for Every Occassion

Calling all party girls! When your every day, go-to looks just don't cut it for the party your going to, what's your next move? Most likely it's one of two things: scour Pinterest for hours looking for inspiration (who's got time when you're in a hurry?) or rely on your signature style. We're here to help with the perfect party girl hair for every soiree.

Garden Party

Party Girl Hair: Styles for Every Occasion

This outdoor party look works well for not only garden parties, but for similar occasions such as bridal showers, baby showers, and tea parties. We love the trendy side braid with a few flower accents. Whether they're real or not, the beauty of them will help elevate your style.

Formal Party

Party Girl Hair: Styles for Every Occasion

Obviously updo's are an easy go to, but why not add some fun to your formal get together with accent braids? The effect of braids instantly makes you look polished. It's as if you spent a ton of time doing your hair, but in reality you nailed it in just a few minutes. Be creative in the placement of your braids. We're fond of braids starting on the sides and being pulled back. Also try different sizes. Smaller braids can have a big impact on an otherwise simple style.

Birthday Party

Party Girl Hair: Styles for Every Occasion

Whether it's your party or not, you should look good for the celebration. Think laid back with a twist. That's why we like a braided pony. Elevate the look by weaving a smaller braid or ribbon through the larger one. With this easygoing style, you'll be able to let loose and look good doing it.

Rock Party 

Party Girl Hair: Styles for Every Occasion

Raise your hand if you've been to a bar, club or concert that had a distinctive rockin' style? Now raise your hand if you felt like your hair didn't match the party? Rocker hair doesn't necessarily mean wild and out of control (although, props to you if you rock that look!). It can also mean a fun, sleek look, that also screams "rockin" in your face. One of our favorite looks involves a bump on the crown, while the rest of your hair is pulled back. Spray AG Hair High & Dry Matte Volume & Finish Spray to finish off your rocker chic look. Whether it's pulled back in a pony or half up, this style evokes a hip vibe that'll keep you rockin' all night.

Yacht Party

Party Girl Hair: Styles for Every Occasion

You're on a boat! Lucky you! Now what to do with that hair? Think posh, but relaxed. We love glamorous, soft waves for the open sea. Top with a hat, Jackie O. sunnies and a glass of champagne and your set. This look also works perfectly for pool parties!

What are your go-go to party looks?

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