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The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a dream product. It transforms second (and third… and fourth!) day hair into a soft, manageable canvas to create beautiful styles. It refreshes both the texture and the scent of your hair, making it appear as though it was just washed.

Does this sound too good to be true? Dry shampoo is definitely is the real deal. However, if you want to really get the most from your dry shampoo, you need to make sure you’re using a quality product in the correct way.


The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo


Your best bet for dry shampoo? Paul Mitchell Dry Wash from the Express Dry collection. There are countless dry shampoos out there, but Dry Wash truly stands out. This product is fine and colorless, meaning it won’t leave a grayish white residue that many dry shampoos leave behind. This makes it ideal for all hair types and colors. The directional nozzle allows you to spray it exactly where you want it, which is key when you’re focusing on the oily spots.

Noogie Thai, an International Trainer for John Paul Mitchell Systems, shares 5 reasons why you’ll love Dry Wash and shows the right way to apply it.


Why You’ll LOVE Paul Mitchell Dry Wash:

The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo

1. Revive Your Look - What’s even better than a fabulous blowout from your stylist? A blowout that LASTS! Give yours some extra staying power by refreshing with Paul Mitchell Dry Wash.


The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo

2. Absorb Excess Oil + Boost Texture- Oily hair is flat hair. Turn that around with Dry Wash! Focus on your roots to soak up oil while adding texture where you need it most.


The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo

3. Prolong Hair Color - Fabulous hair color is an investment. Make your color last longer without fading by using Dry Wash in place of your usual shampoo. Less traditional washing means more vibrant color.


The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo

4. Freshen up After a Workout - Transition your hair from workout to wonderful without rewashing and styling. This dry shampoo will absorb sweat and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean… the perfect accessory for that fit bod you’re working on!


The Paul Mitchell Guide to Dry Shampoo

5. Share it with the Man in your Life - Dry shampoo isn’t just for the ladies. It’s a powerful product for men, too! Try using it on clean hair to provide modern texture and a volume boost.


How to Use Paul Mitchell Dry Wash:

1. Part off hair at the base and spray Dry Wash at the scalp and roots until the entire head is covered. Use the directional spray to apply the product exactly where you want it.

2. After applying the Dry Wash, use your finger tips to lightly massage it in. This helps boost volume, too!

3. Turn head upside down, spray Dry Wash on your hands and scrunch into the ends of the hair. This will add even more texture and fresh scent throughout.


When do you use your dry shampoo? Leave a comment here or tweet with us @LoxaBeauty to share!

Shop Paul Mitchell Dry Wash now.  Happy second day styling!

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